Tuesday, November 14, 2006

fish with teeth

Last night we went to the store and looked at monitors for H. Most of the displays had aquarium scenes. On the way home Leila said, "Fish don't have teeth." "Yes they do, and they bite," I said, and then realized that she might be scared so modified- "if you pick them up and scare them." Which she seemed to think made sense. So I told her, "just like you bite and kick if someone picks you up." "And scream," said H. I clarified that this was for strangers or people picking her up when she didn't want to be picked up, not parents or grandparents. We talked about the Charlie (the cat) biting when she tries to pick him up, but him not biting H, who he trusts.
I was thinking about how non pacifist that was teaching her to be, and yet appropriate. We told her to bite and kick and scream until the person dropped her, and that's exactly what she should do, however violent it may sound. After all, that's what most animals do, and she doesn't have the spikes, poison and stink of the ones who don't. (Any pacifists have another solution?)


Lorenloo said...

it seems like when you're little, that pacificism would apply to you a bit differently when it comes to self defense, because you don't have the same tools grownups have. so screaming and kicking is a pretty different thing when that's your main line of defense, plus you're a lot smaller than the person who would be upseting you (since the same behaviour wouldn't be ok against, say, ali).

it seems.

lomagirl said...

It does seem. And, if you take it further, a little kid might be saving someone else from executing the man (since we live in Texas) so that would be good. Presuming he doesn't do something to someone else that would result in his execution.
I also just think lots of prayer.