Saturday, November 11, 2006

at breakfast...

... over toast, (Leila always wants to call it French toast,) we had the following conversation.
L: Aunt Katherine slept with me. (This was over 6 months ago.) When she takes her glasses off we can't see her eyes very well.
I: (Explain that she probably can't see us very well.) She takes her leg off.
L: Yes. She has a special leg.
I: Um-Hmm.
L: Maybe you'll get a special leg soon.
I: Ummm.
L: You have to take off your properly leg to get a special leg.
I: Yes.
L: But if you take off your properly leg there will be blood.
(I did some explaining here about not taking your leg off unless there wasa problem, and then there was something about a doctor, and it would hurt,) "but then you would get a new leg and it would feel better."
I wish there were a video camera that automatically turned on when she started saying such interesting things.

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