Friday, September 01, 2006

Now you're cooking (but not with gas)

The other night I got home from my Photog class and Leila said, "I made pudding, but I said I'm sorry." Apparently, Leila told H she wanted to make pudding. He told her he didn't know how and to wait for Mommy. She told him that she could show him. Then, I guess when he wasn't in the kitchen, she proceeded to make pudding. She got out a bowl and something to stir with, and a measuring cup. There was a packet of pudding in the cupboard and she mixed milk into it. I asked her how much, and she told me 2 cups. This packet really required 3 cups, unlike the pudding we had made the night before, and I think she only had a 3/4 cup measuring cup, but it was pudding.
We were stern with her and told her not to do it again, but actually I'm pretty proud that she remembered how to do that and repeated it. Way to go Chef Leila!
(She loves to mix things together. I usually try to discourage it as it wastes the food and is completely inedible, but maybe we can harness that power and use it for good.)
Another cooking story- Ali saw me get something out of the kitchen utensil drawer and wanted to get inside, so I gave him a spatula. However, he then thought that he was going to get to stir the chicken cooking on the stove with it and didn't like it when I wouldn't let him.

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