Wednesday, August 30, 2006


So yesterday I actually got to attend Women's prayer at the Poes. It was great! I arrived all tensed up about UTD and the fact that they only wanted to pay me back 80% of my tuition since I had dropped all my classes on the day classes started. I had tried to drop the night before but couldn't because of the registration block on me, but they didn't care- I needed to prove it. So I was tense. Julie, Gail and Dawn enfolded me in prayer and gave me the image of God carrying me, just as I carry my children and Leila carries her baby doll- a whole mass of God and people carrying each other. And God probably doesn't say to us, as Leila says to her doll- you're a heavy baby. We also talked about how this might be a blessing in that it gave me time to think about taking classes and face my ambivalence. I shared how I had called earlier to make sure I had been dropped and was rather hoping that I hadn't been.
So after we had enfolded everyone who needed it in prayer (it's been so long since I've done that) I went back to work and then drove to UTD in a relatively calm frame of mind to solve the problem. The woman who I had spoken with on the phone couldn't find any record of the email that I had sent, so I had no proof that I had tried to drop the class on time. She suggested that I apply to the refund committee and see if they might consider granting me a full refund, but it wasn't a sure thing. I asked if I could just reenroll in one of the classes and not lose out, and she said yes, and waived the late reg fee. So, I'm back in the book making class. Yeah! I had been so sad after I dropped the classes. It feels like I am supposed to be there.

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