Monday, August 28, 2006

And now on a lighter note...

Ali, who once he has determined he wants something won't let up, wanted to go outside yesterday at the end of a violent rainstorm, when the ground was wet and it was still sprinkling. He was thrilled when we finally let him out into the front and he walked around the driveway happily until he realized that water was falling on him. He blinked and looked around at the rain that he really couldn't see, and didn't quite know what to do.
He is such a character. He wants everything that Leila has- ice cream sandwiches, cookies, juice box. However, he isn't quite so able with them, so he often has chocolate smeared all over his face and somehow in his ear.
He also really likes to brush his teeth.
Leila started preschool today with a new teacher. I think she'll have fun- she usually does. She went to meet her new teacher on Friday and saw her old teacher. H said they hugged and talked, but later Leila told him that she doesn't like Mrs. W anymore because she's not her teacher. But she loved Mrs. W last year.
Leila makes up the funniest stories. I wish I could remember everything I forget to write down. One day we were counting in the car and then stopped. She explained that she had run out of fingers.
Every once in a while she'll say "Do you eat boogers?" and laugh. I think we were joking around about stuff a while ago and she keeps bringing it up.
I started my new job. It was a tough first week last week with meetings every day and no time to prep, and I put in a lot of time. Today was the start of classes, and I woke up when it was still dark out and got to work so early that I got home super early too. H said- "You're early." But actually I was late because I had stopped at a store on the way home.
I was really sad last week, and part of it was culture shock of moving from one college campus to another, but the other part was that I decided not to take any classes this fall and dropped the two that I had been looking forward to so much. Today I called to make sure my drop had gone through and I was almost hoping they would say that I was still enrolled and that I couldn't drop.
We finally got our piano over here thanks to Paul and Curran and H. Yeah!

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