Tuesday, July 11, 2006


On Saturday night I told "my story" at our community gathering. It was interesting to reflect on things I hadn't thought about in a while. Then we had a blessing for Ali- Tio Scott put together a sweet prayer, and brought a song about Love by Elton John. And then we went around the room and said a blessing for Ali. The idea was to pass him from person to person, but he didn't like that much so I carried him around to everyone. Leila started. I had previously asked her what she wanted for Ali for his life and she gave the same answer at in our circle: "God." That's her wish for her little brother. Where did she get that idea? But it was really the best blessing of all- though everyone said things that I wish for him as well. Now we just have to get them all written down.
Last week Leila told me, "Baba doesn't like to go to church." So I explained that he didn't go to church, and we talked about how her cousin Ines prays because a week before she was telling me, "Ines prays like this," as she knelt face down on the floor.
Last night bedtime was not fun. I was exhausted from several nights of little sleep, and Leila had had only a short nap. I finally got her to get ready and read her a story and actually remembered to pray with her. Then she wanted milk. I gave her a little. Then she wanted water. I gave her a little and she spilled it on the bed. I had forgotten to remind her to pee, so she got up to do that. Finally she was in bed again and I lay down with Ali to settle him down. "I want some juice," Leila said. "No juice," I said, but Baba gave in. I was not happy. She returned to bed and then said, "I want to pray." I ignored her for a bit, and she began wailing. I told her we already prayed, and she said, "But I didn't." So, I got up and went in and prayed with her again. (She wanted me to do the actual praying.) I also had to get her a fresh top sheet as H had just covered up the wet bottom sheet with a towel. Then she curled up again. This wasn't the end of the fight. She got up several times, but at least she was calmer. This morning she was telling me about it again. I'm a bit at my wits end with this wild girl who blows me a rasberry when I tell her to do something.
Yesterday she washed her hair in the sink with soap so H gave her a shower. Then she put hand lotion in her hair so H gave her another shower. When I got home she told me she'd made lunch and offered me a mixture of honey, cake, water and bsisa. Yuck. I told her if she washes her hair again like that she'll get a spanking. Then I decided it would be better to take her doll away. But when I asked her this morning what will happen if she does it again, she told me a spanking. I hope it works.
Ali has decided that this walking thing is a good idea after all and he's taken to walking around the house. Last night he made a circuit through the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. At one point he decided to try running, but he'd only gone a few steps before he fell flat on his tummy. I don't think he cried, though.
Unfortunately he has taken to screaming when his sister does.

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