Friday, December 16, 2005

Stuff that isn't going in the Christmas letter

I'm writing my Christmas letter based on Christmas songs. I put one for Ali, but I could have put "What child is this" since sometimes I forget about him. The other day we were at a wedding and a friend was holding him on the other side of the church. I looked over and thought "That baby looks like Ali" and then it hit me.
Leila is such a crack up. Last night I sat on the couch to feed Ali, and she sat down beside me, lifted her shirt, and proceeded to feed her doll.
Before I went to work she was giving me a hug and she said "I love your wet hair." That really doesn't mean much as she also said: "I love your wet legs" (And other body parts) and "I love this toilet. It's qwhite." Mostly I love her.
In the mornings, after Habib has taken her back to her bed, she wakes up and calls Mommy in a whiney tone of voice. I'm usually supposed to be awake but too tired to get up, so I take a while. She repeats and repeats, loudly. Finally I went in there and suggested she change her tone. We practised a bit, but she was still rather loud.
I asked her if she wants to sleep in Mommy's room or with her cousins at Christmas. She said "with Grandma." I wish.
I'm waiting to hear from the people I interviewed with in California, but I don't see how I could take the job.

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