Friday, April 08, 2005

Leila's birthday

Part one of Leila's birthday: Last night she saw the presents that I had wrapped up for her and I told her that they were presents for her for her birthday tomorrow. She said presents, and didn't ask for them. This morning I was changing her diaper and she saw the presents and said "presents" and I told her that we would have them later. I was thinking we would open them tonight. But then, I thought she might not really want to wait, even though she wasn't begging. We had breakfast, and when Habib woke up I took the boxes in and we all got on the bed. Amazingly enough, she knew exactly what to do and ripped them open. SHe loved the zoo with the animalsand the chimpanzee (Thanks Kathy, Stephen, Annalane, Nathan and Carter). We gave her some very noisy musical instruments that she preceded to bang on. She's very musical and liked the xylophone. She plays it with two hands like a piano. We also (re)opened the card from Grandma and Grandpa and she wanted the "fly" stickers on her hands. Later she was quite distraught when they came off, but I was in the shower. She found them on the floor and stuck them back on. When I went to work she was sad.
Part 2: When I got home from my midwife appointment (and work), Leila hadn't had a nap yet. I guess she thinks because she's two she doesn't have to. Ha. Ben came over to swing, and she was happy, but she got a little upset at some of the things he did. He brought his trike over, and she got on, so he pushed her off. When I brot her tractor outside, he wanted to ride it of course. She ran away from him, crying, several times. She wanted me to carry her on my back, but I couldn't, so she got on Gretchen's back, but Ben didn't like this. I was telling Habib about Leila and Ben fussing at each other, and she said something.... hug. and then ... kiss. That's right, I said, they did hug and kiss each other. Finally she's learned to kiss on the cheek.
My parents called from Bog and spoke to her for a few minutes. She told them about the bird and the trees and Ben.
Dinner was spaghetti (one of her favorites) which I prepared while she kept occupied eating potatoes, and then broccoli- She was so upset when I mentioned broccoli and then didn't give it to her right away because it was still cooking. Afterwards she followed Dad outside and I iced the cupcakes I had made on Tuesday (and which everyone had been eating since then.) When they came back in I had her new kid size chairs and a new coloring book waiting for her, and then we sang "happy birthday" and she tried to blow out candles, but she just can't. I blew them out for her. She put her fingers all over the icing of the two cupcakes that didn't have candles, so I helped her eat one. I ate two, oops! She had icing all over her face, but she was happy.
She loved her chairs, and wanted me to sit in one with her. I sat down, but then it got really wobbly and almost collapsed. I hopped out and told her it would break or I would fall or something. Then she sat down and leaned way back and went "oooh" and "fall" but didn't. Was she copying me?
Of course, I had to get her to bed early since she'd had no nap, but she was surprisingly uncranky. She didn't want to take a bath, so I mentioned Elmo (her bath buddy) and she was totally ready. The magic word at bedtime is story.
This morning she was sad again when I left for work, so I told her that I'd be home with her tomorrow and Sunday we'd have a party. She said "...... cake." Where does she learn these things?

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